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Female – Waist

Just imagine your remarkable transformation that everyone will notice. Supercharge your confidence & make yourself irresistibly attractive to that special person in your life!

Beth: 31 yrs. Old.
14 treatment cavitation series

“Thank you so much for my beautiful new figure, I love the attention my boyfriend lavishes on me.” – Denise

Shannon: 47 yrs. Old.
14 Treatment Series

My Husband and I have both been delighted with the results from this procedure. I have finally been able to get rid of the fat that accumulated after my two pregnancies. Thank you Ultra Sculpt Centers!” – Shannon

Rachel: 29 yrs. Old.
10 Treatment Cavitation Series

“I can’t say enough about how well this works. I was able to get a fit, flat stomach, just in time for my vacation to the Bahama’s, all of my friends noticed the difference and it was totally painless.” – Rachel

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